Robin+Vanessa (Wedding Trailer)

"You're really my best friend, the apple of my eye, and I looked at you in wonder."
A love that prevails even through this strange times - Covid 19 pandemic.

Alex+Rachel (Wedding Trailer)

What does a celebration means to you? For Alex and Rachel it’s a special occasion that their closest family and friends gather together to witness their union. What’s more it falls on a meaningful date.
P.S. I was really excited when Rachel asked me to be their wedding videographer as we know each other through dance days! Throughout I saw so many familiar faces and it felt really heartwarming.

Ivan+Shu (Wedding Trailer)

c o m m u t e /kəˈmjuːt/
For that very day in their lives, Ivan and Shu decided to ditch the idea of having a wedding car and took the public transport that they commute to work everyday, the Singaporean Style - MRT.
It was most probably the day that they really look forward to, travelling to their own wedding venue and becoming one.

Benezer+Vanessa (Proposal Trailer)

When an anniversary date turns to a special surprise... #shesaidyes

Sean+Germaine (Pre-wedding Film)

Revisit to the places they whole special places in their hearts and to the places where they be tying their knots. #chanceuponyoo

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